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The new heroes

The new heroes When the old revolutionaries are goneWhen the sound of prophets is no longer heardWhen the political, economical, social reformers of old are no moreThen the new kind of heroes will step up. Their goal? Their motivation? Only, completely, obsessively, ultimately, dangerously,a rebel: hated, despised, loved and worshipped,but never mild adoration, or thoughtful concernsEndlessly, undeniably, ceaselessly,Son of God, King of Kings, Highest of all, Jesus.

The new heroes

When the old revolutionaries are gone
When the sound of prophets is no longer heard
When the political, economical, social reformers of old are no more
Then the new kind of heroes will step up.

Their goal? Their motivation?

Only, completely, obsessively, ultimately, dangerously,
a rebel: hated, despised, loved and worshipped,
but never mild adoration, or thoughtful concerns
Endlessly, undeniably, ceaselessly,
Son of God, King of Kings, Highest of all,


They are the other kind of revolutionaries,
 No one knows them and no one will.
Unrelentingly motivated,
 And dangerous their love.
In the underground they work,
 In the shadows they labour.
Choosing others before themselves,
 The foundations of our world shaking.
Giving rather than taking,
 Untouched by wealth.

Not working for a government reform,
Not advocating a better social system,
But suggesting an alternative way of life.

By living it.

Not setting up new theology,
Or a different kind of church,
simply pointing back to Jesus.

"What he said".

Instead of bigger, bigger, bigger,
Better churches, more equipment, increasing professionalism,
They think, smaller, smaller, smaller,
One person to another.

Conquering the world.

Like the seed of mustard,
Hideous, a weed, hated, despised.
Yet it moves mountains, literally,
An unseen, underground, revolution.


Knowing that the church is people,
Not the beauty of a building.
Rather living in slums, garbage and waste,
Than a home within reach of the chapel bell.

Their revolution is Joy, Happiness, Love,
 Unrelentingly spreading it where they go.
Giving to those who will not give back,
 Out of duty, honor, love, but never shame.

Loving, incredibly, ultimately, dangerously,
Laughing at death itself if need be.
Could we expect less
from children of the Highest?

And when the gates of heaven open,
The people wandering in.
They will come last,
carrying some on their shoulders.

One person to another.
Loving the world.

Like Nehemia and his heroes,
The men guarding the wall.
Single-handedly building Gods kingdom,
Using the other hand to praise.

Day and night.

Temptation is useless,
They will not be persuaded,
Shall not be distracted,
Cannot be moved.

And yet
They are broken like everyone else
No less crippled than any other
Falling as much as you and me

Day to day they cry the same
Night after night their worries are yours and mine
They are not heroes because they do not fail

But because it's hope that fuels their hearts
Because it's faith that makes them try again
Because of love they refuse to give in
And because the longing for a life with Christ makes them stand up

Every single time again

They are losers, geeks, unsuccessful fools,
Yet the echo of their footsteps makes the forces of darkness tremble.
Their shadow makes sickness crumble
And wherever they go, the miracles will follow them

The real miracle,
a rich man being able to go through a needle’s eye.
The real miracle,
being untouched by wealth

Because they genuinely care,
Because they really love,
Because they heedlessly follow,
and because they are blessed like crazy.

Breaking our world of "more more more".

They live in the unknown
They live in insecurity
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring
Actually needing Gods blessing

One person to another.
Taking up their cross.

Choosing a radical, passionate life in poverty,
Over a boring and dull life in mediocrity.

Hollywood shall not enslave them,
Media not captivate them.

Fashion shall not hold them,
Appearance not define them.

Money shall not lead them,
Riches not tempt them.

Fear shall not stop them,
Death not take them.

A sparkle of eternity every second,
Every moment a glance of heaven.

Holy holy holy, Lord God allmighty
The heralds exclaiming day and night
Holy holy holy, Lord God allmighty
The heavenly anthem blazing endlessly
Holy holy holy, Lord God allmighty
Their lives will never stop singing, their hearts never stop screaming
Holy holy holy, lord God allmighty

Let those be the psalms of our age,
Let them be the hymns of our generation.
The countless lives,
in limitless obedience.

to Christ.

In obedience they will be clothed,
In carelessness they will be covered.
Worn out shoes,
Fashion-less shirts.
Let them be recognized for what they are:

Battle armor

One person to another.
Building a new kingdom.

They are here
They are still to come
Living out God's words
Failing, Falling,
Getting up and going on
Every day again

One person to another.
Living out God's scandalous grace.

Sons and daughters, workers and soldiers of God himself.
Their vigor radiant, their minds brilliant,
their devotion ceaseless, the world speechless.
Standing in this old world, showing it the New.
Strong, wise, beautiful
And drenched in joy

One person to another.

Watch out

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